The Vending Machines

Students use the vending machines but how do they feel about them

The school vending machines have become fairly popular among students like freshman Evan Wallace. All grades use them to either get a snack, a drink or some protein. 

“I like the school vending machines due to the various chip flavors they contain and the drinks,” said freshman Evan Wallace

The vending machines have a variety of flavors of different snacks. Some if the snacks include chips, candy, Gatorade gummies, and food bars. In the drink machine, they have Propel, water, Gatorade, and protein drinks. The most popular food in the vending machines to students like Charles Dawson is chips. 

“Salt and vinegar chips for sure are great,” said freshman Charles Dawson.

The vending machines are usually full before school and by the time school is over they are almost empty. The favorite vending machine to most is the one in front of LGC with all the chips and candy. This is the most popular due to the better variety of snacks in the machine. 

“The one with chips and candy definitely is my favorite,” said Dawson.

The students like the vending machines how they are and do not want to really change anything about them.