Hard Work Beats Talent

Student Government battles through adversity and proves that hard work really can lead to success

Student Government has faced difficulties this year when it came to planning events for our school. 

    Sophomore Jen Hyre talks about specific challenges they have had to overcome to be successful as a whole.

    “Sadies being canceled after everything was planned and ready. It was hard to have it planned as everything was being back to back canceled as it was. With these difficulties, overcoming the teamwork issues was very tough on us,” said Hyre.

    Hyre and her teammates have had a tough year with COVID and limitations, but they are still proud of the success they’ve had.

    “Overall, working together as a whole given that we struggled quite a bit with it, and stepping up to the plate to put things together at the last minute gave us the success we had. Not lacking as well,” Hyre said. 

    As the end of the school year is near and people are choosing classes, Hyre hopes that many people may take interest in Student Government.

    “I would encourage people to join Student Government because it helps with leadership skills, communication, and everyones started out as shy and introverted and are leaving as outgoing extroverted individuals. It opens up new doors for people which is good,” Hyre said.

    For Hyre herself, she enjoys being a part of such a strong team and wants to continue her journey through Student Government.

    “I will stay because it taught me a lot of life skills in the process, and helped make me and the school a better place overall. It is honestly like being a part of a family. We’re always there for each other,” Hyre said.

    Jen Hyre and her team had a tough year when it came to making Castle View more fun-spirited with events and fun, but they pulled through when we needed them the most and can’t wait for what is in store next year, 2022-2023.