Moments of Happiness

Sometimes the most peaceful moments can be the little things, here are a few small moments of happiness

Moments of happiness can be: 

  1. Sitting around a fire with good company, feeling the warmth hitting your face, playing some tunes and singing along. Glancing upwards and looking at the constellations and maybe even see a shooting star or two. Talking about the ‘good times’ without knowing that you are in fact, in them. Not realizing that hours have passed because you are just soaking up the feeling. You’re humming along to the music as the fire starts to die out and you smile, not because anything particularly great happened – but because you are happy. 


  1. Looking through old photos, now matter how old you are looking at photos from a different time is always fun, and necessary. Seeing photos of you and your old buddies that you haven’t seen in a while, and giving them a call. Blowing the dust off that photo of you in braces from middle school and every memory comes flooding back to your head. Photos are very important, to freeze moments in time and bring back memories. 


  1. Driving down a backroad, windows down and probably some good country music playing in the background, your hair is blowing in every direction imaginable but you don’t mind. The summer air is hitting your skin and you have one arm out the window. You can see tree’s and if you turn the music down can hear birds chirping and leaves rustling. You stop and think, ‘this life really is beautiful.’


Small, little moments that may not seem very significant can sometimes be the biggest things that bring me and many others the most peace. The life we live is full of small moments and they are only as peaceful and you make them. These little moments are enough to say “Today is good.”