Rocky Start

As the Freshman baseball team continues their first high school season, the team feels there is potential

The freshman baseball team is continuing its season and has high potential. With their first game being rained out with them not counting as a win and the losing 15-4 against Elizabeth high school, the team is hoping for better results soon. 

“I’m not sure what it will be by the end, but I hope it is good. It just depends on how well we play and how focused we are.”

The student athletes are not only juggling baseball and school but all of the teammates. It helps that the team is united and can play as a team.

“The chemistry is great. Everyone always makes these funny playful chirps at each other and we are always laughing in the dugout even if we are down 11 points.”

Teammates such as James Vandaveer and Owen Rumans, have been playing since T-ball days and now switching to high school and this loss has been rocky. Though the spirit of the team isn’t broken.

“I have played 9 years/seasons of baseball. I have played it almost my whole life. Started tee ball when I was 6 in Texas and have continued to play for the rec leagues in Colorado and now High School ball.”

While the freshman baseball season might have started rough, the team is improving and is hoping to seek out better outcomes than the previous games.