The Things You Can Do

Some people use the label of LGBTQ as a benefit. They use it in defensive measures or maybe even offensive. But what does this do to people who are an actual part of the LGBTQ community? Does it have any impact on them?

“People who love their sex, I’m okay with,” says a student.

The LGBTQ community was meant for people who love their sex but due to their lack of rights, it turned more political and more about unalienable rights that they have as a community. The community gained a form of protection. People saw this and some used it to their advantage.

“Using sexual as a crutch is inappropriate,” says a student.

LGBTQ can be demoralized for this. By using LGBTQ as a crutch, it makes the community itself look bad.

“I personally do not approve of this because it makes us, as a community, look bad,” says a different student.

The label used wrong can make the community look bad and people may utilize it for that reason. 

LGTBQ is demoralized by people who use the label as a crutch whether it’s intentional or not. People may use it to harm or to get out of situations which is not okay. It’s highly unprofessional. But in the end, what more is there to do about people?