Triple Threat

There’s a saying that goes everything is best in three, right? With the triplets only being freshmen, nothing describes them better. Blake, Parker, and Tyson Graham have grown up with the love of basketball and have progressed as basketball players competing with each other every single day. Whether they are competing with one another or playing on the same team, they have always had each other’s backs. 

Blake is a tall athletic forward with the ability to shoot outside and work hard to stop the bigger guys on the opposite team. He is willing to put in the little extra work it takes to become the best. 

This year I plan to make JV. To achieve this goal I will practice hard, and try to put in a little extra work,” said Blake. 

For Blake, basketball has given him opportunities to become a better person and acquire skills that he can transfer into his life outside of the court. 

“Basketball has impacted my life a whole lot, because it’s given me a great opportunity to make friends, have goals and help me create a good work ethic,” Blake said.

Blake’s height has always given him the advantage over his brothers but with the craftiness of Parker he always gets a good fight.

“Being a triplet does push me harder especially because I am always competing against them,” Graham said.

Parker has a competitive edge that comes from his brothers and the way he can handle the pressure defense and use dribble moves to freeze defenders puts him a step above his brothers. 

 “I would say that playing with my brothers all my life has been both a great and a horrible experience. I say this because after games I have to deal with my brothers,” Parker said.  

Parker has a good shot that can open the space but Tyson can expand his range to the three point line and beyond and he competes with his brothers to keep on improving that shot. 

Without my brothers, I wouldn’t have the same drive as I do now. They make me want to compete with them and make them better too,” Parker said.

Tyson has used not only basketball but also his brothers to keep him active and to always have a competitive nature. 

“I plan on making the JV team this year. I am going to have to work hard on and off the court. Basketball has kept me active. It has also made it competitive,” Tyson said. 

While being a triplet they are always competing but after playing together for their entire lives they have built a bond and chemistry that makes them a triple threat