Bathrooms closed again

The bathrooms are constantly closing down, but how is it decided which bathrooms get closed down and how can we fix it?

Security guard David Allevato routinely checks the bathrooms for vandalism and if said vandalism is found then the bathrooms get closed down. 


“It is decided which bathrooms get closed down at which times by how bad the vandalism is in that bathroom,”. There have been many kinds of vandalism done to the bathrooms. “The worst vandalism the security guards have ever seen is students who have tried to break the soap dispensers, taking the mirrors off the wall and throwing them in the trash,” Allevato said. 


When the bathrooms are vandalized, with for example graffiti, maintenance has to come and paint over it. When the bathrooms are back to being operable then the security guards open them back up to student use. Will the bathrooms ever open back up fully? If we stop vandalizing the bathrooms and treating them badly we can have them open backed up.