The Boulder Fire

A student explains his opinion about what should’ve been done about the fire


Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

A neighborhood that was devoured by the fire representing how much damage occurred.

 The Boulder fire was one of the most devastating events that could have happened to top off 2021.  

 Just before the new year, a fire that started from an unknown cause took out more than 1,000 homes and a good chunk of Boulder leaving a lot of people without homes and jobs. Sophomore Landon Cunningham wasn’t affected by it in any way but has huge respect for those involved.

 “It was definitely devastating news especially when 2022 was a couple of days away; I feel very sad for the people who lost their homes and I wish it was stopped a lot sooner,” said Cunningham 

  Cunningham wished that it was stopped sooner but the fire spread too quickly and homes were already being devoured. This led to people evacuating the area and leaving behind the most important things like their jobs, memories and their valuables.

  “I have feelings for people who lose important things. Losing things that I genuinely like is what really would get me and I feel like it would get those people too who lost everything,” said Cunningham 

 Even though Cunningham doesn’t know anyone from Boulder, he still would like to help in any way he could. He’d be proud to donate money, food or clothes for the people who lost everything in the fire. It would make him feel better as well as those involved.

  “If there was a way to donate food or stuff to those people I would certainly do it; it would make the process a little easier to restart,” said Cunningham 

In the end, the fire destroyed a good amount of things and people lost everything, although they didn’t lose the help of the community where people like Cunningham are willing to help.