Has It Gone To Far?

Students at Castle View High School are becoming more addicted to their phones and other devices

Their screen time has been increasing more and more each day. According to “Screen Time for Teenagers: How Much Is Too Much?”, teenagers are on their phones for an average of seven hours per day.  

Phones are becoming more prominent in people’s everyday lives, which causes screen time to rise. Freshman Kate King has been using her phone more and more and it has changed her life. 

I think I am on my phone more than I maybe should be but it could definitely be worse. I don’t think I can live without my phone. I think I would just be bored and need more fun things to do,” said King. 

King has a suspicion that it has become a habit to pick up her phone for social media, text messages, and just to check it. The more she checks it, the more of a habit it becomes.

I have picked up my phone to check how I’m doing on social media but I never get upset

By Addison Humphrey

over how I’m doing. I just think it has just become a habit to pick it up when the phone dings and it’s fun to talk to your friends,” said King. 

Her phone has made her more involved in social media and has sometimes made her care more about what is happening on her phone than in real life. King is using her phone to pass time and use it as a source to escape the stresses of her life. 

My phone has definitely changed my life because it is easy to contact people and it gives me something to do. I’m on my phone [more] because it passes time or if I need downtime. I stay up on my phone sometimes until ten-thirty or eleven,” said King. 

Her phone has made her stay up really late even on school nights and is not used for help, they are used for entertainment. Screen time has reflected her use of technology every day and weekly. King is disappointed and has a sense of relief because she is still on her phone a lot but not as much as others are. 

Three hours a day, I’m [on my phone]. I’m a little disappointed in my screen time but I’ve definitely seen people that are worse and I have improved. I will try to be on my phone less and less each day,” said King. 

King doesn’t know what will happen in the future with her screen time and her use of technology but she is trying to put her phone aside more and leave more time for her family, friends,

and her love for gymnastics. She is making a big improvement and isn’t using her phone as much; she just wants to be more involved in reality than her screen. She never really noticed how much she was on her phone before she stopped using it as much.