Foodie Friends

Kayla O’Hara ’23 shares what she does for lunch

 Students have a lot of eating options when they go off campus for lunch. Some like fast food while others like to just grab something quick to eat or drink from the store. I was able to talk to Kayla O’Hara ‘23 and see what she does for lunch. 

  “When I go off for lunch I usually will go with my friends to king Soopers or Starbucks,” O’Hara said.

She likes to go off with her friends and they all get different things.

“My friends will usually get snacks and a drink when they go off with me. I get a coffee,” O’Hara said. 

  “My favorite place to go is black rock,” O’Hara said.

They still usually have time after they get their snacks and drinks.

“I will usually eat in the car or we will go to Butterfield and eat there,” O’Hara said. 

    There’s a lot of places where people go out to lunch with friends, such as places to eat, get coffee and or just hang out.