Shivers and Screams

The infamous 13th floor haunted house and how scary it really is

     Fall is a time where the leaves change, the air gets crisp, and the spooky season comes. 

     Halloween holds many different festivities like costumes, candy, and of course, haunted houses. Haunted houses are a pretty big part of Halloween. Whether you go with friends or family, they are always a blast. One of the most popular and so-called “scary” haunted houses in Denver is the 13th floor. Many have heard of it, but not all are willing to actually go inside. So, I was the one who was willing to go inside, and tell the ones who won’t how it really was.

     To start, the haunted house was pretty scary. All of the lights and flashes on the inside really added to the scare effect, along with the costumes and objects inside. 

     Lots of people have heard of the 13th Floor, and it has gotten a big name over the years, and now I understand why. This haunted house was definitely pretty scary. 

     Not only that, but the amount of time in it makes it even better. This constantly has hearts pumping and has you wondering what can come next. Lots of the things in the house are jumpscares, which are really scary if you don’t see them coming. 

     All in all, I would definitely recommend this haunted house. Even though it may take some courage, it will still end up being a blast. With so much adrenaline pumping and the laughs you will get from the scares, it is one of the most fun things you can do during the spooky season.