Inside look of being an actor in CV

Ryanne Brown plays Officer and is an understudy for Officer Brophy in upcoming play

Sophomore Ryanne Brown plays an Officer and Officer Brophy in the upcoming play Arsenic and Old Lace. Being in a play can be quite hectic, there are many components into making a great play and being a great actor.

How has the play been so far? 

“The play has been pretty good. It’s been a little bit stressful since opening night will be here soon,” Brown said. 


What is your character? 

“I play an officer and an understudy for Brophy who is a cop as well,” Brown said. 


Is it hard to memorize all of your lines? 

“Sometimes it was hard to memorize them, but now I know all of my lines,”Brown said.


What makes you excited about this play? 

“What makes me excited for this play is how great the playwright is there is always something going on. You never know what’s going to happen,” Brown said. 


How do you think the play turnout will be? 

“I think the turnout will be pretty good since we have been doing a lot of advertising for it,” Brown said. 


Do you have any tips on how to remember your lines? 

“Some tips are to always reread your lines over and over again until you remember them,” Brown said. 


Is it easy to remember your ques? 

“I was gone some of the time due to being sick and/or on vacation so I missed a lot of the rehearsals telling me my ques so it was definitely hard to catch up,” Brown said. 


Is your character a gender bender? If so, how do you adjust your acting to the character of the opposite gender? 

“I had to adjust my walking and my hair since in the play my character is a guy,” Brown said. 


How do you prepare for your role? 

“I do breathing exercises and walk like my character to get me prepared,” Brown said.