The Orchestra Odyssey

The Orchestra odyssey will not likely be soon forgotten by these performers. The orchestra and guitar teacher at Castle View, Mr. Jay McGuffin, has made quite an emotional impact here. 

“He’s like a second dad to me, always there for me, always there for everyone in the orchestra.” Senior Dylin Antwiler said.

Students in the orchestra look at McGuffin as a sort of mentor for them. Not only in the learning environment but also in life. McGuffin has been impacting these students for over ten years now here at Castle View. 

“To be a teacher you have to be a lifelong learner,” McGuffin said “Those students have really taught me something, and brought an energy to my classroom.”

The performers here all bring a certain energy to the classroom, the love for music bringing them all together. The students in the orchestra have formed a family together, one that supports and helps everyone individually. 

“He’s super chill and nice,” said Junior Abby Fletcher. “He made me want to keep doing music.”

Many students have been playing their instruments for a long time. McGuffin often brings new lights and interests for his students, to keep it from getting old and boring. 

For the orchestra, it’s not just about playing an instrument and making music though, it’s about the energy surrounding the entire class. As well as the teacher that makes it all happen.