Expressing yourself with Fashion

Students wear clothes that help express themselves

   Fashion is expressive and gives a choice of how people want to present themselves. Some students had some things to say on the ever changing trend that is fashion. It’s always changing, from cozy sweaters to crop tops and chokers. Rye Modlinski, a freshman, had an opinion on fashion in schools nowadays and how it’s better than before in the past.

     “People are more accepting of everyone and what they wear,” said Rye Modlinski.

     Everyone has their own style and school, for many, is a favorite place to express it and themselves. There are diverse perspectives on different trends at CV. Jeremy Cornichuck, a freshman, had some thoughts on a certain greenish brown fashion choice.  

     “Camouflage, I hate camouflage. I just think it’s ugly. Who decides to wear a brownish green?” Jeremy Cornichuck said.

     While some opinions on others’ fashion are negative, individual expression is perhaps the most important. Some have positive opinions as well, just as Erika Thurber, a freshman, did.

     “I like crop tops because they are so comfy and they match everything,” said Erika Thurber.

     Like crop tops, some things stay trendy longer while others die out. It depends on what people are into during that time and what they think is in style. 

     “I think basketball shorts will be in style for a while because they are super comfy and every guy in school wears them,” said Thurber.

     Fashion in general is a great opportunity to express what somebody may like. While it risks criticism and trends fluctuate and die out. Students have the chance to show what they like and who they are through their clothing.