Painted Pants

Senior girls on what the pants worn to football games mean to them and the school

    The tradition of senior pants is supporting school spirit during football season. For senior Danielle Head, the senior pants are a sign of school spirit. 

    “Everything we put on the pants really is just for school spirit, there isn’t a super deep meaning,” said Head.

    Senior Marianna Carpenter thinks the same way and believes that the senior pants are a good way of showing off school spirit. 

    “The senior pants to me are a good way of showing school spirit and I was super excited to be able to make them,” Carpenter said. 

    The spirit is a big part of the pants, but what makes the spirit is what is painted on the pants. 

    “We usually paint our last names, anything CV, our graduation year, and anything red, yellow and black,” said Head.  

    These unique pants have only been around for a few years.

    “I’m not sure how long the pants have been around for, but I know it’s been a pretty long time. Like I remember when I was a freshman, all of the Seniors wore them,” said Head.

    Carpenter also remembers seeing the pants as a freshman, and was also curious about them. 

    “When I was a freshman, I noticed all of the seniors wore white pants with some sort of logos or decals on them. I would wonder what it meant and why they did it,” Carpenter said.

    Although these pants haven’t been around for the longest time, the tradition shows a unique part to Castle View’s spirit, and people love them.