Easter and the New Normal

Freshman Audrey Burton tells us about her fun traditions of Easter

On the first Sunday of April, Audrey Burton and her family will be starting their Easter traditions that make every Easter one to remember. With many rituals, such as watching a movie about Jesus to opening porcelain eggs, or telling Jesus’s resurrection story. 

“Every Easter we watch the passion of Christ and we have an egg set where every egg we open shows the story of Jesus’s whole story and it is really fun. The movie is about Jesus’s crucifixion and how he rose from the dead three days later, and it is a live-action,” Burton said. 

As of now, Burton’s family usually goes to brunch after church on Easter Sunday but this year their favorite spot to have brunch is closed due to COVID-19 and now they have to find a new place, but this won’t ruin their Easter Sunday fun. 

“We might not go to a certain brunch that we usually do since it is closed but we can go to a different one. But even though it is our favorite place to have brunch we won’t let that stop our Easter,” Burton said.  

Every family celebrates Easter Sunday in a different way but every way could be as exciting as the last.