Spring Breakers

Where and what students did while traveling during Spring break

Many students at Castle View High School enjoyed vacation while on spring break. For freshman Peyton Rettmer her spring break trip was filled with a family trip to Cancun, Mexico.

     “For my spring break trip I went to Cancun with my family. During my trip I went to Isla Mujeres, Xelha Waterpark and Chitchen Itza,” Rettmer said.

    Unlike Rettmer, freshman Charles Columbi his spring break consisted of a trip to Florida with the lacrosse team.

    “For my spring break trip I went to Orlando, Florida for a lacrosse trip to play a few games,” Columbi said.

     During their spring break the trips may have been changed a little due to COVID-19 and the certain protocols following their state and or country they traveled too. For Rettmer, she had to pass a COVID-19 test in order to get back into the country.

     “To come back into the United States we needed a negative COVID-19 test. Those were the only “restrictions” for my trip,” Rettmer said.

       For Columbi, his trip was not affected as much; the only restriction for him and his team was that while out in public places a mask was required to get into certain tourism attractions.

     “Traveling was a little harder because we had to wear masks for long periods at a time and it was a lot of sanitizing,” Columbi said.

     These students were still able to enjoy their spring break trip even though some protocols may have made it a little different. Despite such rules and restrictions, Columbi and Rettmer made the best of their spring break.