Senior Year, Stuck at Home

Some students at Castle View, like Ashton Marchant Mansfield, opted to stay online for the remainder of the year.

Although teenagers tend to be low risk for COVID-19, and teachers are now vaccinated that doesn’t make it completely safe to return to school. Some students have family members who are high risk and returning to school poses a threat to their health. Senior Ashton Marchant Mansfield faces these problems and it’s slowing his return to full in-person school. 


I am hesitant to return, because of health risks my family members face that can be exacerbated by COVID-19. As well as the high amount of cases that are still rising in the school it seems to be too much of a risk to attend one class,” Marchant Mansfield said.


Schedules appointed by the school board have dictated the attendance of students and staff who are high risk. The opinions of people outside the district have little effect on the final schedule decision. This has caused difficulties in making things work for everyone, but the current full in-person schedule is working for many.


 “The schedule we have at the moment is perfect, with the last hour of school being dedicated to office hours so teachers can help students it has proven more useful than our previous schedules,’’ Marchant Mansfield said.


For students left online, it is difficult to get the same experience and education as students attending in person. This has caused an uneven playing field amongst students, causing some to hope for a return to the hybrid model. 


“I would switch back to cohorts instead of having all the students in one class because the amount of people that have to be quarantined is an indication that there isn’t enough of a barrier for students to avoid covid, furthermore it could increase the total amount of students that attend in person,” Marchant Mansfield said.


With all social distancing eradicated except for the mask requirement students and staff are hopeful that the next school year will have no need for masks or distancing.