Lights, Camera and Long Awaited Action

Students involved in performing arts finally get to put on a musical production for their classmates

Despite COVID-19, students involved in this year’s musical have been waiting all year to perform for their family and peers. Actors and actresses like Junior Heather Diana are excited to be performing. Especially after last year’s play had gotten canceled due to COVID-19.

“We are all so excited to do a show this year. After Peter and the Starcatcher was canceled, I was so happy that we were able to do something this year,” Diana said.

The “Songs of Stage and Screen” is going to be a different kind of production, especially compared to past years. Instead of doing a full musical show like “Mama Mia!” or “Chicago,” students are performing different acts with songs featured from many different musicals.

“This show is crazy! Like, we have so many numbers from different musicals. It’s gonna be so fun to watch. It also has a ton of fun twists within the show,” Diana said.

Of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, rehearsals and performances will look a little different for actors and actresses like Diana. However, students were still able to keep some normalcy with long rehearsals still being on Saturdays, as well as continuing tech week. 

“It’s different in a lot of ways. Rehearsal is a lot different because we work on the opener, closer, and the half show most of the week but work in separate individual acts at the end of the week. Some things that haven’t changed are the long rehearsal on Saturdays and tech week,” Diana said.

To Diana, a huge aspect of doing any production is collaboration between peers and teachers.

“My favorite thing about doing shows is the people. I love all the seniors’ energy they bring to rehearsals and the amazing directors who help with the show,” Diana said. 

After being involved in Castle View’s theater company for three years, Diana is glad to be acting and performing in her third show, and is looking forward to shows in the future. 

“I’m excited to be back on track and do a full show without restrictions,” Diana said.

Compared to years in the past, COVID-19 hasn’t made it easy to get together with classmates and friends. However, students and teachers involved in this year’s musical are looking forward to finally presenting their work.