Quarantine Connecting

Quarantine Connecting Despite COVID-19, Students find ways to stay connected during quarantine through certain social media platforms

Q: What have you been doing to stay connected?

  • “To stay connected, I have been talking with my friends through text, Snapchat and Instagram because almost all of my friends text me back, so I get quick responses back from them,” freshman Gunnar Fesmire said.
  • “To stay connected, I have been Facetiming and calling my friends just to see how school is going and see if there’s anything I missed and just to catch up with them,” sophomore Reagan Kobbe said.

Q: Do you feel left out while being quarantined?

  • “No, I don’t feel left out while being quarantined because a lot of my friends ask how I am doing or we will still hangout and get together,” Fesmire said.
  • “Sometimes I do feel left out especially when all my friends are at school but I still hangout with them after or facetime them,” Kobbe said.

Q: What social media platforms have helped you stay connected?

  • “The biggest social media platforms that I use to stay connected are Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok. Tik Tok probably has the most use because it’s a good app to get on when bored to see what people are doing,” Fesmire said.
  • “Snapchat is by far the biggest social media platform that I use and helps a lot because I am just able to send them a snap whenever and they’ll answer back and it’s super easy to use,” Kobbe said.

Q: Do you wish you weren’t quarantined?

  • “Yes, I wish I was not quarantined because being quarantined you feel like you don’t learn as much and is super easy to get off track since you’re at home and not in a classroom,” Fesmire said.
  • “Not really. it will all be over soon so it’s not the end of the world if I am stuck at home for a couple of days instead of being at school,” Kobbe said.