AP Testing Season, During Corona Season

Students taking AP classes are concerned about what this year’s testing season has in store for them.

Since her freshman year, junior Kate Miller has taken advanced placement courses. This year, AP has a whole new learning curve that Miller is ready to take on. 

“This will definitely be different because of guidelines and I expect that we will possibly be taking our tests from home,” Miller said. 

Both teachers and students have had to adapt to the challenges of online learning, but Miller fears that the lack of instruction that comes with online learning may negatively affect her AP test scores. 

“I do worry about my success in the AP’s I’m taking because I feel like I’m not learning as much as I have in years past,” Miller said. 

Advanced placement students have been attempting to utilize what’s given, and Miller continues to use her teachers and peers as extra resources.

“I have found that taking notes throughout class, then compiling those notes into study guides and flashcards have helped me a lot. I also use quizlets, which have been a lifesaver for me. Talking to my peers also helps me to get other ideas and to study what I might’ve forgotten to study,” Miller said.