Sign Up Fear

My personal opinion or input on signing up for next years classes virtually

With more than half of our school year here in Castle View being online, we’re going to have to prepare to have school take place fully virtual. And with that, we are now to sign up for classes next year virtually instead of in person, and for people with personal interaction help, it’s a little more than intimidating.

I understand it may be the only way that we have to sign up right now, since being able to go back to in-person learning is not an option, but even so, it’s scary. I’m a person who has many questions, I need confirmation, and with not being able to have available in-person help right there, it’s difficult to be able to not freak out.

It’s possible to even have a whole breakdown over something as trivial as this, but it’s frustrating. Others may not agree with me, and that’s fine, but I believe it to be mortifying to have little help with making a decision that will define my next year at Castle View. 

It’s different than having some counselors on calls providing help, it’s a feeling of not being able to move, and feeling stuck when you don’t have the help you need right next to you. It ties in with anxiety and attention to things. It takes just a bit of misunderstanding to be confused as a whole. It would be easier to be able to walk to the teachers themselves to ask them if the class may be the one I am required to take or to have an advice teacher guide me in the direction of which classes are best to take next. 

On top of which, it’s a challenge to keep track of which credits you need from each subject. It’s a responsibility, of course, but it would be easier to have a set in list instead of figuring it out on your own at home without guidance from teachers and such. 

Maybe it is just me, and that I alone have a hard time with direction and need extra guidance for tasks, I just believe it to be a situation of difficulty for me or anyone else who struggles the same. It’s a small problem but it can leave bigger fears after the fact, or the fear of doing a small step wrong.