Greatly Anticipated

Students on what they are looking forward to doing post COVID-19.

What post-COVID-19 activities are you looking forward to? Why?

Bella Palato: “I am looking forward to being able to travel easily and safely and be able to have large groups of people around safely.”

Ryan McEntee: “I am excited to be able to go to amusement parks again.”

Connor Traweek: “I am excited to go golfing again and eat out because I miss eating more non-homemade foods.”


What places do you want to go post COVID-19? Why?

Palato: “I’m looking forward to going to Elitches and going bowling because they have been shut down or have heavy COVID-19 procedures so without that it will be super fun.”

McEntee: “Somewhere out of state because we haven’t traveled anywhere in a year.”

Traweek: “I want to go back to Water World because we used to go there every year as a family and it was always a lot of fun.”


Do you think you will start these things as soon as COVID-19 dies down?

Palato: “I do think I will start doing more things once COVID-19 dies down because I know it will be safer.”

McEntee: “Possibly, the amusement park definitely but we only do like two-three trips a year.”

Traweek: I think I will start again with some things especially hockey because I have been really looking forward to playing again.


Is your bucket list different than it was Pre COVID?

Palato: “I would say my bucket list is different just because I can’t go to a ton of public places because most are shut down, but also I am still hanging out with my friends in small groups and being able to see people I want to see.”

McEntee: “Not really, I don’t really do a whole lot normally so it hasn’t changed very much.”

Traweek: “It has changed quite a bit because many places are closed and some have shut down for good so my list is pretty different.”