Online or In-Person?

Students at Castle View are very opinionated on how to do online schooling.

Students feel very strongly about how schooling should be conducted throughout the ongoing pandemic. The hybrid model has students attending In-person classes every other day, whereas the online is conducted completely at home. Junior Alexander Vigil, shared his opinions on the matter.

“I liked doing the hybrid the best because I feel like I learned better and got more of my school work done,” Vigil said.

Throughout the school year, the district has attempted multiple different models of learning. One of these models of learning is a fully online schedule, often used when a multitude of cases are present in the schools. This model allows the student to have a lot of freedom.

“You have access to look things up, and it’s a pretty easy schedule,” Vigil said. 

One of the biggest problems with online learning is the ease of access to the internet. Many students take advantage of this opportunity.

“Students take advantage by using Google to help with tests and stuff like that,” Vigil said.

Work habits are hard to sustain with so many distractions at home.

“Since you’re sitting in front of your computer for hours just listening to your teacher, it’s a lot of time in front of the screen, and I tend to be on my phone during class,” Vigil said.

Vigil’s final suggestion for the school was, “maybe let us go back to school. I don’t know”.