Finally having a taste of freedom

Brooke Estelle got her driver’s license after many ups and downs and she has a lot of emotions about it

Junior Brooke Estelle finally got her license and it opened a whole new world. 

How have you been feeling ever since you got your driver’s license? 

“I think I’ve become a lot more of a confident driver since I got my license. I’ve become a lot more independent and responsible when it comes to driving myself or others,” Estelle said. 

What were the steps you had to take to be able to get your driver’s license?

“I first had to take a drivers ed course the summer going into my sophomore year. It was a week-long, in-person course and I had to pass a written exam. Then I was able to pick up my permit from the DMV and began my driving experience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my license right when I turned 16 because of COVID-19 so I continued working on getting my 50 hours and going on long drives to become a better driver. I took my driver’s test in Oct. 2020 and got my actual license three days later,” Estelle said. 

Would you say getting your license hard? Why or why not? 

“I wouldn’t say getting my license was difficult, but it was just more the motivation to finish my hours that was difficult. It was really hard for me to find time to drive. I think what really helped me was seeing my other friends get their license and I realized that I should try really hard to get it,” Estelle said. 

When you first got your license were you excited, nervous? 

“When I first got my license, I almost felt like it was overdue because I should’ve gotten it months earlier, but I was extremely excited nonetheless. I was more excited that I actually had it after working towards it for so long, more so than the thought of actually getting to drive alone. My first time by myself was a little nerve-racking, but I got used to it really quickly,” Estelle said.