The RoadBlock to Nationals

Varsity cheer received news that they would no longer be able to attend the national competition due to COVID-19.


Having spent the last four months preparing for this year’s national cheer competition, Addison Bailey ‘23 was disappointed to learn that nationals are no longer on the table. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, sports seasons and events have been postponed, switched, and canceled. Having been on the varsity poms team last year, Bailey is used to the long hours that many schedule changes bring to every sport and activity experience throughout the season, but this year is much more than any of us could’ve imagined. 

My immediate reaction after finding out that my team would not be able to attend nationals was disappointed but not surprised. Deep down I knew that we probably wouldn’t get to go,” Bailey said. 

Right now, the varsity cheer team is only able to practice on Saturdays in the commons, with the hope of a full schedule starting in January. Luckily for Bailey, she has two more opportunities to go to Nationals throughout her high school career. 

“I do believe that I will get another opportunity to go to nationals at some point in my high school career. I’m not sure when that will be, but I do think that eventually, everything will go back to normal,” Bailey said.

With every expectation now uncertain, Bailey made the decision to keep her head up and try to enjoy the season, without nationals.  

“I decided to not let myself think negatively about cheer in any way- Despite the fact that we are not able to participate as much this year, I’m just very thankful that we’re having a season at all,” Bailey said. 

The team is dedicated to their family environment, and they continue to have team bondings via zoom. Every athlete is required to condition outside of practice because even though they can’t practice as a team, varsity cheer has high hopes of a successful competition season in the upcoming months.