Debate Debacle

Jordan Marrero talks about his view of the Presidential Debate Between Donald J. Trump, and Joe Biden.

Sept. 29, 2020, the first Presidential debate in 2020 between Trump and Biden aired live, and boy was it hilarious!

There’s so much to say about how this ‘debate,’ if you can even call it that, had transgressed. Let’s begin with the very start of the debate. This two-hour debate held not even a singular minute of a normal conversation between the current president, and the president running, but as well as much foolishness to go with it.  Let’s not forget to mention the beginning of the debate when Trump had compared Biden, to “Pocahontas letting animals out the zoo,” which in my opinion, is totally unprofessional, especially for the President of the United States.  And essentially the whole debate was Trump cutting off both Biden as well as the moderator, adding his two senses in whenever Biden had opened his mouth, how professional.

But let’s not let it slip how Biden loses his temper, and I quote, tells Trump to “Shut up Man,” As well as Biden firing back at Trump, calling him “stupid, dumb, and an idiot.” Now, although I may not be of age to vote, it’s very concerning how I can have a normal debate without cutting off the person I’m debating against, while these two continue to argue like bickering toddlers. Keep in mind folks, these are the two candidates running for president. Now, in my opinion, Biden was very professional when he had his turn to talk, but he also had his outbursts, given they were not as frequent as Trump’s were.

My final thoughts on the subject would be to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that I am simply sharing mine, but I think we can all agree that this first debate of 2020 against Trump and Biden was ridiculously and poorly handled.