Up and Coming Star Debater.

Freshman Shaye Lovato wins all three rounds of debate.

Freshman Shaye Lovato is a Lincoln Douglas Debater for the Castle View High School team. She just started debating this year, and she has competed in three debates with a total of three rounds each debate. Lovato has won seven out of her nine rounds. Lovato explains what feelings go through your head and all the emotions that come with being a Lincoln Douglas Debater.  

How long have you been debating? 

     “I started this year as a freshman,” Lovato said.

How many debates have you competed in? 

     “I have competed in three total debates, which equals nine rounds, each debate has three rounds,” Lovato says. 

How many wins and losses have you had? 

      “I have had seven wins and two loses,” Lovato said.

What type of debate do you do? 

     “I do Lincoln Douglas Debate,” Lovato said. 

What got you into debate? 

     “I joined debate because I want to help other people, and be more aware of the events in the world around me,” Lovato said. 

What thoughts go through your head when you are about to debate? 

     “I always wonder who and what kind of debater my opponent might be, and I always try to go over my cards before starting. I like wishing my friends good luck before they start their rounds too, “ Lovato said. 

How do you feel when you are debating? 

     “Excitement, as well as some nervousness, for sure! Debates are kind of a mixing pot of emotions, depending on if you are the person cornering your opponent or if your opponent is cornering you. But no matter what, rounds are always challenging and fun,” Lovato said.

How do you feel when you win? 

     “When I went to the awards ceremony for the first time, I was so happy all of my friends did well. I also feel a ton of excitement when I win,” Lovato said. 

How do you feel about everything being on zoom? 

     “It has its ups and downs, I personally would enjoy in-person debates more but I’m mainly just glad we can do debates. Zoom sometimes has some technical issues which can get annoying sometimes,” Lovato said.