New Fan Fundamentals

How to support the cats safely for the upcoming football season

Caitlin Alexander

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Art for VPA
August 31, 2021

Football is making a comeback at high schools across Douglas county. Here are some COVID-19 guidelines that should be known before hitting the stands:

  1. Before entering, all spectators will undergo a health screening. Including a temperature check 
  2. Masks are required at all times
  3. Everyone should remain social distanced at all times
  4. Douglas County will have strict no bag and no re-entry policies
  5. Home team fans will enter through the southeast gate and will sit in the lower level of the stadium
  6. Away fans will enter through the northeast gate and will sit in the upper level of the stadium
  7. Pre-packaged concessions will still be available during game time
  8. There will be no outside food or drink allowed in the stadium
  9. After the game, spectators will be asked to exit from where they entered
  10. Spectators have to leave ASAP after the game concludes
  11. Make sure to throw any trash away on your way out

Remember to be safe and stay healthy!