Leading with Obstacles

The Link Crew program faced multiple challenges this year when preparing and executing freshman orientation.

Carey: How was the Link Crew Program different from last year?

Schneider: “We were not able to do our normal training days in the gym with everyone there. We had to do training over Zoom. The schedule was different as we had to social distance as well as with some of the activities.” 

Carey: What is the biggest struggle creating a new program with the COVID precaution measures?

Schneider: “We didn’t get the chance to get to know some of the people who were new to link crew, and our activities had to be adjusted so that we were all social distancing.” 

Carey: Do you think COVID affected the outcome of Link Crew in a negative way? How was this outcome different than years before? 

Schneider: “No, I don’t think it was affected negatively. I think it still went really well and we were able to adapt very well. I don’t think the outcome was much different than years before.”

Carey: What did the training look like? How often and how did you meet? How do you think this worked?

Schneider: “Our training was a combination of Zoom and in person training and I think with what we had we were able to make it work and I think it was effective.”

Carey: As a student, what would you have changed about the Link Crew experience?

Schneider: “Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. I think what we do is great for incoming freshmen, and for upperclassmen to use their knowledge and experience to help others.”