Working up to the Team

Freshman, Aspen Connor, the only girl on the freshman football team gives advice for anybody that is interested in joining the Castle View football team and what they need to do.  

Do you have to work hard if you want to join football?

     Connor: “If you want to join Sabercat football, you have to be prepared for the mental and physical aspects of football. It will test your strength, endurance, skill, and mind.”  

What you do before the game is just as important as during?

      Connor: “Don’t get in your head. Take all your excitement and energy and leave it all out on the field. Also, sit with your team and get pumped up, look into the stands and play for all the people sitting there cheering you on,”

Can doing certain things can make your football season a success? 

      Connor: “Doing workouts, staying on top of your grades, and eating right is an important thing to make your time in football worthwhile. I do some at-home workouts and go to CrossFit. I also make sure to eat right and keep my grades up.”