When Life Gets Blurry, Adjust the Focus

Alex Dunda, sophomore photographer, has been self learning photography for 4 years

Alex Dunda captures a beautiful sunset on Wednesday afternoon in Deer Creek Canyon.

Hernandez: How long have you been taking pictures for?

Dunda: “4 years.”

Hernandez: What grade are you in?

Dunda: “I am a sophomore.”

Hernandez: What made you want to take pictures?

Dunda: “To show parts of the world people don’t see every day and portray them in a way that is a form of art.”

Hernandez: What was one of the struggles while taking pictures?

Dunda: “One of the biggest hurdles was spending lots of time trying to figure out what settings, modes and photography to have. I still to this day have a hard time understanding many parts of the camera, but I think that I have done what I always wanted to do in photography.”

Hernandez: What inspires you to take pictures?

Dunda: “Anything that I feel would be powerful and have a meaning to it.”

Hernandez: What is your favorite lens when taking a picture?

Dunda: “I honestly use a stock 18-55 lens as I think it has a good focal length, but I eventually want to end up getting some wide angle lenses and one day a telephoto lens.”

Hernandez: What are your greatest strengths?

Dunda: “I would say my greatest strengths is photography that isn’t seen much elsewhere. I can take portrait and landscape photos, but I excel in long exposures and Astrophotography.”

Hernandez: Where do you see yourself after high school?:

Dunda: “I really want to be a Mechanical Engineer, but I may follow the suit of my sister and take photos/ do marketing for a living.”

Hernandez: What are some things you do to prepare yourself before taking a picture?

Dunda: “I just make sure I have the batteries charged, and the SD cards readily available. Also I need to make sure of small things like if the lens is clean, and I usually also scout out the spot beforehand and frame a few shots before having the subject involved.”

Hernandez: What goes through your mind when you’re taking a picture?

Dunda: “Will this turn out good? Or what can I do differently to make this shot unique.”