Playing Up

Amanda Botos, freshman, explains the JV softball season bearing COVID restrictions.

Amanda Botos, freshman, is  behind the plate catching  at a home game against Highlands Ranch High school. The JV team ended the season with a record of 4-5-1. “This season was fun because we all fit in and had fun together,” Botos said.

Smith: What did your season look like with COVID in place?

Botos: “Well with COVID in place our season was shortened and we had to take certain precautions. We had to stay six feet apart every time we didn’t have a mask on and everyday before practice we had to take a survey to say that we had no symptoms and no close contact. It really changed the season from past seasons,” Botos said.

Smith: Was it harder to be a freshman and be on a JV team?

Botos: “Well we didn’t really have a lot of players this year so we had a JV and a varsity team. It wasn’t hard, as a catcher I had training with the varsity catcher and coach and I really felt like I fit in with all of the team. We all got really comfortable and close,” Botos said.

Smith: Was your team successful this year?

Botos: “I believe that the team was very successful. I think we were more successful in improving and becoming better players than winning. We did really well against other teams with the kind of team we had,” Botos said.

Smith: What was the best part of the season and why?

Botos: “The best part of the season was meeting all the new people and learning to play on a team with them. I loved meeting new coaches that I could really bind with and go to for anything. After bad coaching experiences in the past my teammates and coaches really brought my confidence up,” Botos said.