Helping Hand

Student Connor Shumate and his experience with working for a MAD Week sponsor


Senior Connor Shumate prepares for another day on the job at Chic-Fil-A during MAD Week. “Participation is important because the cause is important. It’s as simple as that,” said Shumate. “It’s not about what you eat; it’s about where your money goes.”

MAD Week is a fairly large portion of Castle View’s student culture. An important part of MAD Week is the sponsors. Sponsors of MAD Week are used to bring in donations and this year with Covid are one of the main ways to bring in donation money. Senior Connor Shumate is a student that works for one of these organizations. 

“MAD Week sponsors are important because it gives aim to something people already would’ve done,” said Shumate. “I would’ve gone out to eat that night anyway, but instead I went and supported my school and a good cause while doing it.”

Shumate not only thinks that the sponsors are important for the school to have, but he says how it is also nice for his work environment.

“Teaming up with the school adds another element to your work,” said Shumate. “Obviously you always want to put out a good product at work, but when you know it’s for the school and a charity it makes it that much more important.”

MAD Week is another important event at Castle View that can bring students’ lives together as well as bring the school closer to the community. It is nice that Castle View and its students are able to extend a helping hand to these charities and extend resources to people in need.