From 28 to Sub 18

TJ Frueh drops more than ten minutes off his 5k time in less than a year.


TJ Frueh practices on Sept. 22.

TJ Picked up cross country his freshman year it was the first time he had ever competitively run distance. In his first race that year he ran a 28:30 5K. His Sophmore year he set his PR at 17:55 We asked for TJ’s advice on how to become a better runner.

  1. “Always have a good mentality” and staying positive is the first step to improving times.
  2. It depends on the person says TJ but the “drive to get better” is key to improvement and willingness to get out to practice and work hard.
  3. Every time you have a tough race or aren’t on top of your game “you just have to look past it” says TJ “take it a day at a time” 
  4. In the end, there’s something “that brings you back to it, It’s hard to explain” he says but something about it calls to him and will call to you if you have the motivation and patience to work for it.