Corona Football

This is a first hand look at what a freshmen football player does to keep football important and keep the team in check.


Photo Courtesy of Logan Wier

Logan Wier, freshman, prepares for the upcoming football season.

Caden: Since the football season is being delayed what are you doing to keep in shape?

Logan: “I’ve been going to the gym while the season has been on and off this year. I have been improving my footwork skills while doing at home workouts and doing daily runs to keep myself in shape,” Weir said.


Caden: How has Covid- 19 and all the protocols affected your team as a whole?

Logan “With the delay the team has lost inspiration to work hard and dedicate their time to football since the season is so far away,” Weir said. 


Caden: What do the team practices look like with Covid-19 in place?

Logan:  “It depends on whether the team is in the gym or not,” Weir said. “While the teams are outside doing practices we are not required to be wearing a face mask but try to social distance ourselves, but our the team is indoors and doing our workouts all teammates as well as coaches are required to be wearing face masks,” Weir said.


Caden: Does your team look excited for the season?

Logan: “We’re all definitely excited, but when the season is to be determined the team as a whole has to be ready for any situation,” Weir said. 


Caden: What are you looking forward to most this year and what’s the biggest and most important part of being a freshman?

Logan: “Going into freshman year, it’s always a big deal and being able to play at the next level you have to show the coaches you want to be there,” and “It’s a proving ground,” Weir said.