Hybrid vs E-Learning

Why students chose hybrid learning or e-learning and how their lives look according to their decision


Photo Courtesy of Rob Lemay

Ready to Work: Junior Rob Lemay has created an at home work space for online learning. Lemay thinks his online school is making him a better student and helping him gain skills he believes will be vital later on in life. “I can practice managing my time for my work which I think is a really important skill to develop, and considering how lazy I can be I think this was a great help,” Lemay said.


For the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year students were given the option to stay home and do school fully online or to do the hybrid route and go to school in person two days a week and have the rest be online. Senior Kylie Cronin chose the hybrid option mostly because of the social interaction it offers. 

“I chose hybrid learning because I wanted to see my friends,” Cronin said.

Hybrid learning means you get to interact with teachers and students and counselors, but at home students are left responsible for their own day. Cronin says her daily life looks a little bit different when she has her school day at home.

“My habits have changed because I sleep in later and go to bed later and spend a lot more time relaxing,” Cronin said. 

Cronin believes that this was the right option for her because she still gets to be in person as much as possible and see her friends. 



Unlike hybrid learning with full online learning students never get to see their teachers and classmates in person. For students like junior Rob Lemay staying home was centered around health purposes rather than educational or social ones. 

“I didn’t want to go to school because I didn’t want to get sick, and I still don’t,“ said Lemay.

Some of Lemay’s habits have changed, but he feels that for the most part his school and home life are manageable and as normal as possible. 

“I don’t feel like I’m missing out on socializing, I still talk to people and play a lot of games with my friends. We have zoom calls during the week that I think help to keep us engaged in school and it’s kind of close to being in person,” Lemay said. 

Lemay feels that online school is safer and is allowing him to be just as social as he would be in person because there are frequent zoom calls and assignments to keep him on track.