New Advisement Schedule

Drew Baty, Yearbook EIC

With the new advisement schedule, students schoolwide have an adjustment to make. Some find it nice to be able to travel on Mondays, while others see the new schedule as annoying and unlikely to make a difference in how many students attend advisement. The change is here to stay though, whether the student body finds it helpful or irritating.


Q-What do you think about the new advisement schedule?


A-”I think it’s certainly different and I know a lot of people love to come to school and be able to travel on Mondays. I like the Tuesday/Thursday advisement days,” said Autumn Montgomery ‘19.


A-”I don’t care, it’s still two out of the five days, it’s not like it changed much for me,” said Trey Wagnon ‘19.


A- “Frankly I do not enjoy it because I rarely have time to get my work done since I’m a senior this year,” said Brandon Scott ‘18.


Q-How does it affect you?


A- “I’m gone most Fridays for tennis anyways so now I have to go to advisement which sucks. I’d rather just skip my pride advisement because I hate it,” said Wagnon.


A- “I want to say that it really doesn’t affect me. I’m able to fix my grade if I need to on Mondays if I like versus on Tuesdays. Other than that I’m really focused on my work,” said Montgomery.


A- “I used to have 45 minutes to get my work done and now I only get 15. This is a schedule that I do not agree with,” said Scott.


Q- Do you think the new 5 minute rule will keep people from leaving campus when they’re not supposed to?


A-”I think they’ll still go do what they want,” said Wagon.


A- “Yes, I pretty much think so. I’ve seen it change. We used to have people ditch all the time but now they don’t. There’s more people in class more regularly,” said Montgomery.


A- “I think it would keep people from ditching advisement,” said Scott.