Mental Health Week: Hot Chocolate Q&A

Jacqueline Meeks, Yearbook Photo Editor

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Q: What does mental health mean to you?

A: Mental health helps people that are having struggles and having a week dedicated to it can help teach people that it is okay talk about it.

Q: How does hot chocolate relate to mental health?

A: Hot chocolate can calm you done and it taste good so that makes people happy.

Q: What have you done to promote mental health week?

A: All I have done so far is drink hot chocolate, signed a paper saying what I was thankful for, and tried to be more positive and uplifting towards my peers.

Q: Does the hot chocolate help with mental health?

A: Not the hot chocolate itself, but the action of giving it out can inspire people to be more positive and giving. It helps build a joyful community with generous people.

Q: Why is mental health important?

A: Because many people think that it isn’t okay to talk about, but it needs to be addressed in order for the majority of people to get better.

-Adrian Marquez ‘19