Sadies – Behind the Scenes

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CV Student Media –  

Sadies is the winter dance held at Castle View. Like homecoming there are a lot of decoration and work that goes into the dance.

Student government works for a couple months to make sure that the dance is run as smooth as possible.

Students rent a DJ, tables, chairs, and linens, a group works on advertisement and ticketing, and there is the decorations group.

Finding the best deal takes a lot of effort and coordination between the two Student Government classes.

On the day of Sadies a group of people work on setting all the decorations up from eight in the morning at the way to two in the afternoon. There is a second group that sacrifices their dinner and picture time. They come to school at five at night and stay until the dance starts, to help the with DJ and last minute decorations.

This year there is a challenge that faces the people that make this dance happen. On the day of Sadie’s there will be a basketball game that is taking place in the school’s gym. The game will go until five.

The second set-up crew will have to not only set up the gym decorations, but clean up the mess that the game will leave. That takes away precious time that is needed for set up.

The game also threatens the decorations that are already set-up. One excited little kid could take an entire wall of decorations down.

These dedicated students are doing there best to resolve any possible problems, and think of new ones before they present themselves.

After the dance ends all student government members stay after the dance and clean up for as long as it takes, so the schools custodians don’t have to stay all night cleaning.

The next time you choose to voice your opinion on the dance remember the ones who made it happen, and how hard they worked to make sure you had as much as you could.