Limited Preparation vs. High Expectations

How students expected to do on the SAT

November 9, 2021



“I expected to do fairly okay, my PSAT scores were pretty good so I felt pretty confident about the SAT…I didn’t do anything to prepare. I woke up that morning, sharpened a pencil, and called it a day. I felt like studying for the SAT wasn’t as important as the work for my actual classes.”

  • Junior, Aidan Mcginty
“I think I did pretty good. The math without calculator section killed me, but other than that I feel pretty confident in getting a fairly decent score. But I would suggest other students don’t take my strategy, and I would suggest they study. The SAT definitely asked some tricky questions and studying a little but would have most certainly made me feel more confident.”

  • Junior, Aidan McGinty
“I expected to do okay on the SAT. I didn’t study much so when I took it I made sure not to have super high expectations.”

  • Junior, Mari Boekes
“I think I did better than my first one but I still think I did pretty bad because I didn’t study for it. The reading section was horrible; grammar was easy, and math was right in the middle.”

  • Junior, Mari Boekes