Football fans choose between heart and skill

By Dylan Underwood –

The View –  

An informal poll of a handful of teachers and students shows they prefer to spend a weekend watching different levels of football — college for heart and professional for skill: Four of six students preferred the NFL over the NCAA while four of six teachers liked just the opposite.

“I think the NFL is a lot more fun to watch and what they are playing for actually means something,” senior Nathan Arnholt said.

“I personally like college more because there is a better fan base and more spirit that goes with it,” photography teacher Jared Neal said.

Some students said they like the entertainment aspect of the NFL, which has 32 teams compared to the NCAA’s more than 100, and is more exciting. Teachers enjoy the fan side of college football rather than the style of play.

But librarian Bev Sullivan has a different point of view and watches neither. “Personally, I think in the pros they get too much money and college is getting too violent and I don’t agree with it,” she said.

But junior Ben Brown, a University of Missouri Tigers fan, enjoys the heart and unpredictability of the college game.

“In college, they aren’t in it for the money — they are playing because it’s probably the last time they will ever play the game,” he said. “If they don’t go to the pros, they have more soul and a will to play. College is always different. You never know who is going to win and in the pros teams that are dominant never change.”

If you are that die hard college football this saturday the 13th catch the classic Navy at Army game at 1 pm on CBS. The NFL is coming to a close as well in a sunday of week 15 matchups including the Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers. If the Chargers want to keep their playoff chances alive a win against Manning is the key spark for them getting a date with the playoffs.