So Thanks: A Sarcastic Yearbook Piece

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Caleigh Gearheart –

So thanks, to when people who tell us there are errors in the book at the end of the year. Number 1, we probably already know about it. Number two, we are only human and we can’t catch everything. So thanks, but no thanks. And last but not least, number three, thanks again for ONLY focusing on the errors, not the beauty of our book and all our hard work.

     So thanks, for all of the people who have worked diligently on helping make this book and also thank you to all of the people who didn’t really work diligently on this book with us. We have learned from you and have “quote unquote trimmed the fat.” (It had to be done.)

     So thanks, to the copious number of hours after school becoming glazed over by a LED screen. Not only do we have to come in every school day, but we also have to come in to work, on our much needed and rare days off. As we work for max 8 hours on Saturdays and even coming in after school, our social lives do not exist.

     So thanks, to all of the people I’ve heard in the hallway say yearbook is easy. Simply saying, you are ignorant and come join us for a day to see for yourself. I dare you.

So thanks, to the refs for minimizing our attempts to get amazing photos and tell us to “back off the court please” Like we don’t know what we are getting into before hand. We understand the risks of covering sports games, yes we could probably break our noses and bleed everywhere. Or get bonked on the head by a football, lose our balance, and eventually break our expensive cameras. It takes pain to be a good photojournalist.

     But thank you, for all the things that makes us want to rip our hair out of our heads, for all the failed attempts, for all the hours spent staring at a screen, for editing pages until our fingers fall off, for all the people we have been irritated by because the thing is, being in yearbook is hard and aggravating but it is also fun and in the end we get this great book with so many memories that the things that make us want to rip our hair out of our heads is worth it.