Top 10 Reasons to Visit Castle Rock!!

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  1. Look at the rock! If you’re feeling adventurous enough, you can even climb it! What could be more thrilling than climbing a giant piece of rock???
  2. Enjoy our fine cuisine! There are plenty of delicious and original places to eat here in the CR. Some of the best include McDonald’s, Chick Fil A, Sonic, Chipotle, Qdoba, Starbucks, and plenty more five-star dining options.
  3. Get a history lesson! Learn all about the pointless history of the infamous Castle Rock at the not-so-fascinating Castle Rock Museum.
  4. Waste gas! Often times, due to the excessive amount of things to do in this town, people tend to drive around for hours on end to nowhere in particular, simply struggling to decide what to do. It’s hard to blame them when there’s just SO many options. So make a couple (necessary) stops at our many gas stations and keep filling up!
  5. Visit the famous Vape Town! Take a look at the dank clouds and check out some sick mods at the great Maverick gas station. Here plenty of vape gods gather to share their vape knowledge on the daily.
  6. Go on a walk! Go sight seeing by taking a hike in our beautiful terrain. If you can maneuver around the consistent development well enough, you may even catch a glimpse of the mountains.
  7. See a movie! Visit our mediocre theatre and see a great film. Make sure to bring your bankruptcy statement and a pen with you as you’ll be completely broke after buying a few snacks and beverages!
  8. Sit in traffic! Trying to cross over I-25? Put on your favorite playlist and turn those butt warmers on as you’ll be sitting there for quite some time!
  9. Start a protest against our new mall! Whether it’s against the transfer of prairie dogs or the general concept of industrialization/development, standing alongside main roads with homemade signs is a great way to make a difference and be a true part of our community.
  10. Don’t. Save yourself from the town that is Castle Rock, Colorado and simply stay at home instead-we guarantee that’ll be just as exciting as coming here! 🙂