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Taylore Todd
As a senior, Taylore Todd works to balance her family life, her friends, school and the extreme commitment it takes to be a part of Yearbook. Todd has lived to write and had been looking for a meaningful outlet, eventually leading to her decision to join Yearbook. As a priority in her life, Taylore uses Yearbook to be involved around the school. Taylore’s family is her main priority and will schedule all other activities around time with them. Taylore has one sibling, a 15 year old sister named Teaghan, who she likes to call her best friend. Outside of Yearbook, Taylore works as a lifeguard for a country club in Parker, but because summer doesn’t last forever, Taylore wants to land a job at Hobby Lobby during the school year. Other interests of Taylore's include hiking, mountain biking (insert everything else you can do outside here), reading, getting her ears pierced and attending concerts.

Taylore Todd, Yearbook Copy Editor

Oct 01, 2016
Girls Volleyball (Media)
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