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Madelynn Martin** Fix
Sophomore Madelynn "Maddy" Martin moved to Castle Rock only two years ago and has overcome so many different things since that day. Another thought she had was that this was a way that she could start over forget the past and make a new mark in Colorado. Maddy had overcome these feelings of anxiety and depression by meeting lots of new people. The new people that she had met had helped her out a lot by being super understanding and very helpful with the problems that she had and was going through. As Maddy was now starting to find where and how she fit in he mindset had started to change. Her mindset had changed majorly it had gotten better and time had gone on and she had soon knew her way around the new place she called home. As Maddy found her way around Castle Rock she met some of her best friends that are still with her today. Maddy in advanced had lived in central-ish Florida with her family and friends. Florida was her home for her entire life and Colorado was her second home. As in just two years Maddy had learned how to cope with her depression and anxiety that she was diagnosed with in only a year worth of living here. She had made some of her greatest friends that still haven’t left her side and helped her overcome one of her greatest obstacles and challenge in her new life. She got a fresh start a way to make a great impact to new people in her life. She slowly but steadily got a better greater mindset by living here. Yet most importantly she had found her own place in Colorado at first unsure if she would ever fit in only a newcomer from Florida but Colorado had welcomed her with open arms treating her with not only obstacles but gifts like no other.

Madelynn Martin, Yearbook Staff Member

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