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Madeline Robinson
Madeline "Maddie" Robinson ‘22 is a staff member on the 2018-19 VIEO Yearbook Staff. While she first has a calm demeanor, you will soon realize she is much more than that. In addition to being on staff this year, Maddie is getting more involved this year than ever before, by working on crew for "Mamma Mia!" and hopes to join the rock climbing club here at Castle View. Robinson lives with her dad, step-mom, younger siblings, and three pets: two rats and a Labrador Retriever. Maddie’s biological mother has been out of the picture for years now. One of Maddie’s favorite memories includes holding her baby brother for the first time, and seeing his face and blue eyes for the first time is something she will never forget. Maddie would describe herself as quirky, intelligent, and clumsy. She takes pride in her leadership skills, and loves to read and write. Maddie is currently enrolled in AP Human Geography as a freshman, a class most high school students would take their junior or senior year. She also really enjoys being at Castle View, and feels connected to the high school, which is something she has never experienced before in the previous schools she attended. In her free time, Robinson enjoys listening to hit musicals that include Hamilton: An American Musical (she listens to A LOT of Hamilton) and Mamma Mia!. Though Maddie has lived a good life in her 14 years, she has also faced hardships that include her parents’ divorce and her dog, Bella, dying due to kidney failure. In the end, Maddie kept reminding herself that the sweet dog was in a better place, and no longer in pain from the sickness. Maddie has not yet discovered any hidden talents she may have, but she can memorize most song lyrics after listening to the song only once, which is pretty impressive. After she graduates from Castle View, Maddie does not yet know what she wants to do with her life,but right now, her top two choices are either using her journalism training to become a journalist, or to help students and be a teacher.

Madeline Robinson, Yearbook Staff Member

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