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Lilly Henak
Lilly Henack, a junior, a soccer player, a Newspaper Junior E.I.C., and more. Lilly began playing soccer at the age of three. Her dad was a huge part of sparking Lilly's passion for the sport. Her parents are always there, cheering her on and supporting her through everything. She has continued to improve throughout the years, working her way up form level to higher level. A torn meniscus before her freshman soccer season forced Lilly to take a break from the thing she loves most.

“Dad, I want to play a sport,” said three-year-old Lilly. Lilly’s dad handed her a soccer ball and that is where it all started. Her dad would show her all the professional players and she realized that is what she wanted to do. She joined a Little Tikes soccer team when she was three and fell in love with the sport. Her mom played soccer in high school, so it was something that she was meant to do. Her parents were always supportive of her accomplishments and are always there cheering for her. “Out of all of my games throughout my career, my parents have probably only missed like three,” Henak said. Since she plays competitively, she has to travel places for tournaments and her parents are always there to fly with her and support her wherever she goes. However, soccer has not always been easy for Lilly. When she was in fifth grade, she did not make the team she wanted to. She looked at this outcome and tried to make the best of it by working really hard and becoming captain. It paid off when she was asked to try out for a premier team. This organization had three teams, are all different levels. She happened to make the lowest team, which was another disappointment for her. On this team, she felt like she was doing everything and she wanted to play with people who actually loved the game as much as she did. She went to her coach, who is her favorite coach because of what she has shown Lilly about herself, and told her that she wanted to quit and that things just were not working. Her coach told her just to keep working and try to better herself even if the team is not what she wanted at the moment, so she did. She eventually got promoted to the highest team in the organization and became the captain of that team. This is where she found her love for the game again. Everything was going really well for Lilly at this point until she reached her freshman season. She strained her meniscus pretty early into the season. This was a really hard time for Lilly because all she wanted to do was go out onto the field with her teammates and help them out, but she couldn't. Once her injury healed, she was all ready to get back out onto the field, which is what she did. She continues to succeed in her sport competitively and during the high school season.

Lilly Henak, Newspaper Junior Editor In Cheif

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