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Lewis French
Lewis began his crazy yet adventurous life in Denver, Colorado. He was a free-spirited child who grew up with a sister that he thankfully got along with. When Lewis turned the age of three, he moved to Montrose (a town on the western slope of Colorado) due to his father wanting to be closer to family and a possible business opportunity. When Lewis was about to start Kindergarten, the French family moved to Keylrod, Texas. A few years later, they moved again to Reno, Nevada, forcing Lewis to make new friends again. Finally, his family decided to have a permeant home in Castle Rock, Colorado when Lewis was in the eighth grade. At Castle Rock Middle School, he found his passion for building computers. He liked how CRMS was much more diverse with which classes you wanted to take including ones where you are individualize by yourself to create projects. Now, he attends Castle View High School as a sophomore and is apart of the STEM academy. Although in STEM, majority of his classes are English, Math, some computer classes and yearbook. He took Yearbook as an opportunity to get out of his comfort zone and make something worth while. Louis hopes to focus and learn yearbook design for the upcoming yearbook. Overall, Lewis is not only a hardworking person, he is also incredibly kind to all. His absolute favorite song is Firestone by KYGO. He also has a few fears like spiders, breaking things and most horror movies. Most of all, he is always up for watching The 6th Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Lewis French, Yearbook Staff Member

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