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Emma O’Brien Bagby
As a senior at Castle View, and 17 years old, this is Emma O’Brien Bagby ‘19 first year on the yearbook staff. She joined because she wanted to experience the fun as well as being apart of something that requires dedications. She's also excited about being with people who incorporate fun in their work while also working very hard to reach a goal and provide quality work for the school at the end of the school year. As well as taking pictures, she loves capturing moments because sometimes they are good moments and sometimes they are not good moments, but she wants to tell both sides of the story and be real with the readers. She has always valued photography and wanted to learn more as an artist and now she can through yearbook. She hopes to learn the settings on the camera/how to work the camera as well as capturing emotion behind the lens and telling a story through her photos. She’s excited about the events that you cover, although she has never been to a school event, she has always wanted to. Especially the sporting events where the crowd gets involved because they have the best emotional facial expressions that you can capture. She also loves spending time with family including her little sister, older brother, and pets. She has a cat with a mustache named Niko and a Miniature Schnauzer named Hugo. Both pets are very important to the family and keep everyone entertained because they need so much attention. Although she adores her mustache cat and little dog, her favorite animal is a giraffes, she loves visiting Texas because of all the family she has down there, and has a passion for art. She enjoys mostly the visual arts and is most excited to get into photography this year because she love capturing emotion. Emma feels she can be 100% herself with her friends and loves to be weird and funny with her friends while playing video games or just talking and hanging out. She makes sure she’s always there for her friends by being a good listener when they need it.

Emma O'Brien Bagby, Yearbook Staff Member

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